Mestizo did a good job on this beat too, but yeah nice to see these two rapping together like this. That panning at the end made it sound like Dose was standing behind my desk at work.

Anonymous asked: Can you change the name of the blog to Beer & Rape cause your taste in music is so shitty you have to force people to listen to this bullshit? Or change it to Beer & Phoenix University Online cause you are about as educated as a 3 year old?

You’re too cute sunshine. I know I’ve got a boot on your neck making you click play on my internet but you should rejoice in your new found freedom to live out your anonymous dreams to whatever music you choose rather than all the music I’ve been slamming against the back of your throat sweet cheeks. Rape is something you do, Beer & Rap is something you live. Always remember that my love.

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if only this dude had some download links

Happy Valentines day from the Middle Finger Gang

Made 1k more stickers if you need some

Made 1k more stickers if you need some

ovrabndnc asked: Where do you look to find artists like Lil' St. Loius or Pooh Gutta? Looking for blogs/sources for Midwest Street/Mobb music

Both of those I just came across on livemixtapes or datpiff but if you’re looking for midwest stuff 100grand has plenty although he does post a good amount of bay stuff as well.  StLmixtapes isn’t bad but you do have to dig around. Then there are the usual suspects like DGB and trapsntrunks. I’m sure there has to be a midwest version of thizzler or bayareacompass that I don’t know about but that midwest stuff takes a bit of digging around and taking chances on bad cover art. 

I’ve been looking for music on the internet for a while now. Things were easier when dudes were filling blogger accounts with rapidshare links. I mined the shit out of There still are some graveyards out there but goodluck finding one with valid links. Rare to find one that’s been kept up. The mixtape sites made people lazy and who needs to up cds when it’s all free on the mixtape sites anyways? Just kind of sucks because it’s a pain to find music from specific regions now, I don’t know if it’s because shit is hyperlocal or if everything from everywhere is now in the virtual rap promo bin.



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Aladdin on that ‘89 scratch

Another aquatune from a rapper I can’t find shit on the internet about. Basic bitches wear leggings 7 days a week apparently.

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first track I decided to listen to off their mixtape and I was surprised how much I like it. I hadn’t been paying attention to these Horseshoe Gang dudes but yeah I’m taking notice now.


tune fuckin bangs

Oh look grime didn’t go away because the internet didn’t blog about it anymore

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