Heard this via the Eastbay Classics mix (do what this says to cop), fucking slapper. Never peeped this Mafiaosos tape but this song features ft Mr. Brainey, Dre Mo, Grope1 & Lil Ric. A line up that I only recognize one name from but it’s that classic east bay twang just riding the funk. Can’t ever front on that clap either. Just classic northern california rap funk. It’s shit like this that when someone told me the east coast was funky I didn’t really feel it. Yeah Eric Sermon would sample some joints but to me the delivery needed it as well and east coast rappers just didn’t have the style for it. At least not the way that westcoast and southern accents could really ride with it. This makes me want to push a seat way back and lean too much to really see where I’m driving.

If you don’t know here is the sampler for the mix:

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